11 June 2015

On Thursday, June 11th the URBAN Intergroup held its monthly meeting in Strasbourg. This month participants discussed the outcomes of the two-day Informal Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Territorial Cohesion and Urban Matters which took place in Riga on Tuesday and Wednesday (9-10th June).


Discussions focused on the Riga Declaration “Towards the EU Urban Agenda” adopted yesterday. Participants wondered what it will bring about and  what will be its actual impact on shaping of the EU Urban agenda. The European Parliament’s position on the topic of the EU Urban agenda was also raised and discussed vividly.


More information about the Informal Meeting and media coverage can be found on the webpage of the Latvian Presidency. 


Agenda of the URBAN Intergroup meeting 11.06.2015


Riga Declaration “Towards the EU Urban Agenda”

21 May 2015

The last meeting of the URBAN Intergroup took place on Thursday, May 21st in Strasbourg.


The main point of this month’s meeting was presentation of the EU project EPOurban by Mr Karsten Gerkens, Director of the Office of Urban Regeneration and Residential Development for Leipzig City Council. Core outputs, results, conclusions and next steps included in the EPO urban: Enabling private owners of residential buildings to integrate into Urban Restructuring Processes policy paper were discussed. A vivid debate with URBAN members followed and various issues regarding the urban regeneration have been raised.


The meeting was a perfect occasion to exchange knowledge and practices leading to a better urban policy in the future. More information about the meeting in 15th issue of the URBAN Newsletter.

30 April 2015

On Thursday, April 30th members of the URBAN Intergroup took part in the first monthly meeting in Strasbourg. The main point of April’s encounter, under the slogan “Triggering multiple benefits for urban areas it’s more than renovation”, was building renovation. 


URBAN members had a chance to listen to and debate with professionals in field of sustainable building renovation. Three presentations deepening the topic of were delivered by guest speakers from Renovate Europe Campaign, European Commission and Energiesprong


Firstly, Adrian Joyce, Campaign Director at Renovate Europe recounted the principles and objectives of Renovate Europe Manifesto and their campaigning. Secondly, Yamina Saheb from Joint Research Center revealed how building renovation is regarded at European Commission, explained its position and reminded current regulations. Finally, Ron van Erck representing Energiesprong gave a practitioner’s vision of what building renovation means and should be in order to obtain sustainable results. 


Members of the URBAN Intergroup present to the meeting appreciated received knowledge, whether it is theoretical or practical. A vast discussion followed the three presentations. 


Next URBAN monthly meeting with take place on Thursday, 21st May in Strasbourg. 



8 January 2015

On Wednesday 7th of January URBAN Intergroup held a first meeting regrouping all members and partners.


The meeting was chaired by Peter Simon (S&D/Germany), Vice-President of the URBAN Intergroup. The main point of the meeting was the presentation of the State of play of the EU Urban Agenda by Christian Svanfeldt from the European Commission. After the presentation, members and partners expressed their doubts and concerns about the EU Urban Agenda and called for a common action within the Intergroup.


The newly nominated bureau was presented and a draft agenda of actions discussed.


As of January 7th, URBAN Intergroup counts 83 MEP members from all of the political groups and 93 partners. Coming from various horizons, they all have one thing in commun – their interest in urban issues.


22 November 2013

On November 21st members of the URBAN Intergroup took part in a meeting co-organised with EUROCITIES Metropolitan Areas Working Group. The main topic of the seminar was the presentation and discussion around the report on “Metropolitan Areas in Action”. This report is a work of specialists, from various countries, researching on metropolitan areas. The final report represents 3 years of exchange of knowledge and 1 year of research, ensured by the Metropolitan Institute of Budapest.


First part of the study presents the main findings of the research, whereas the second part focuses on five cases of European metropolitan areas: Lille, Warsaw, Brno, Bratislava and Stuttgart. The report was presented by Peter Austin, the planning advisor at City of Oslo and 15 experts taking part in the MAIA project were present to exchange their experience with the URBAN Intergroup’s members.

Final results arouse much interest and a debate followed with the exchange of opinions and ideas.


“City is like a human being. You cannot impose rules and let it adapt to them. We, people interested in urban development have to work together and we need to cooperate with the urban areas,” said Cristina Gutierrez-Cortinez (EPP/Spain).


The MAIA study also shows that what concerns the metropolitan areas and their further development is their size. Therefore should we adopt a proper legislation for the metropoles?


“Can we say that metropole is a legal status? If we want to give any legal status to these areas firstly we have to discuss more if such status helps? What should count is not the name we give to these areas, but specific processes they are undergoing,” commented and concluded Jan Olbrycht (EPP/Poland).

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